You can connect any top-level domain to your Vsble account with the Vsble PRO plan. A top-level domain is one that can be used with the www. prefix ( Either you already have a domain, or you can buy one for a small fee from a domain provider like GoDaddy, Ionos, or Namecheap (there are many out there - see the list of recommended providers).


To connect a domain, you need:

Step 1

Add two A-Records in the DNS Settings of your domain control admin panel of your domain provider.

1. Record type: A Host: @   Value: Record Type: A  Host: www Value:

(Below how the records look like - ex. GoDaddy)


Any other A-Records for the @ and www with a different IP will block the domain connection. Also remove any AAAA records.

Step 2

Add the domain name in the website section of Vsble and "click confirm change". Wait until the domain connects and SSL is issued.