We provide a FREE SSL certificate for every Vsble portfolio. Even for your connected custom domains. This instantly adds credibility and what we like to call "SSL trust." It is important to let your visitors know you are secure and that their information will be protected.

Moreover, the SSL certificate provides better ranking on search engines and is important for better SEO.


SSL certificates are cryptographically signed by a Certificate Authority (CA), and each browser has a list of CAs it implicitly trusts. Any certificate signed by a CA in the trusted list is given a green padlock lock in the browser's address bar because it's proven to be "trusted" and belongs to that domain.

Although the GDPR does not specifically say that every site needs an SSL certificate in order to be GDPR compliant, if your site collects or processes user data then under the GDPR, you have a responsibility as a data controller or a data processor, to keep this information secure and protected, which by having an SSL on your site you are helping to achieve this.

This information could be collected from users via sign-up or contact forms, and could be as simple as a name, email address, or phone number.

Even such user information still needs to be secured. By not having an SSL you are only increasing the risk of a data breach.