Please check your DNS settings if your domain is not connecting. The DNS Settings should have only 2 A-Records, both pointing to Vsble IP:

  1. Record type: A Host: @   Value:

  2. Record Type: A  Host: www Value:

Also, please check:

  • Both A-records for the root domain (without "www") and the subdomain "www." Make sure to have both; only one will not work.

  • Some providers use "@" or "*" or ask to leave the space empty for the root A - record; please check with your provider what kind of character they use. 

  • Make sure you have not AAAA records for the domain, as that will override the A-Records that connect you to Vsble. 

  • Make sure you have not other A records pointing to different IPs, as that will mess up the mapping.  You can only map a domain to ONE IP-Address, not several (A rope has also only two ends)

  • Have you entered the domain in your Vsble Account in the custom domain field? If the connection does not work immediately, it can take up to 48 hours: this depends on your domain provider, how fast they update the DNS records.

If you have any other IP records für the @ (root domain) or www (subdomain), remove them. If you still are experiencing problems, please contact us. We can help you with domain connection for a small one-time fee.