Jeremy and Peggy designs (including the slideshow versions) have a so-called expanded view mode in page settings. You can access the setting in the page settings.

A: Expanded view

If selected, all images of any album on that page are shown at once, next to each other. The viewer can see all photos of all albums at a glance in an overview, instead of the album cover only.


When expanded mode is selected, you also get two additional option to choose from, when an image is clicked: 

B: Click modes

  • Zoom image on click: The image that is clicked will enlarge.

  • Entire album on click: The image that is clicked will open the entire album that it belongs to, starting with the first image of the album.

Keep in mind that expanded mode will use up a lot of browser RAM and slow down your website. Its nor recommended for large portfolios. It can be handy, though, if you have only a few albums, and want your portfolio to appear larger.