Google will "notice" or "index" your page shortly after you publish it. So if someone googles your name the result will look like this: 

If you can't find your website on Google, it might have been "skipped" by Google indexing or not yet "noticed".

If you have updated the SEO Settings of your website, such as the description, title, and keywords and they are still not appearing in the search, you can ask Google to "re-index" your  URL.  

The below method works, if you have a domain with a domain registrar. We are currently working on a solution for FREE accounts as well, so can verify not only a connected domain but also your FREE Vsble subdomain.

Please follow this guide:

Choose "Use the URL Inspection Tool" under Crawl Request methods. And then under the 2. point "URL Inspection Tool."  


You will have to log in with your Google account and then submit your URL. Google will instruct you to enter a text record in your domain registrar. And will crawl your site after the verification process.