Here is an excerpt of Google statement of November 2021

"Shaking up the title world. Google recently confirmed that it can change the title of your web pages in its search results. Meaning whatever title you have set on your web pages may not be what is actually displayed in search results. If this makes you a little uneasy, it should."

So yes, you can not influence WHAT Google will display, but you can apply consistency throughout your website settings to help Google display the correct information about your website. 

Here are a few basic but powerful things you can do: 

1.  Add Favicon to your website, that is an important SEO element, even though it might seem tiny and unimportant. 

2. Add a title to your site or ideally to each page ( Vsble PRO MAX that describes your website best. 

What to avoid:

  • Not creating any page title at all
  • Making titles too long 
  • Naming your page the same name as your website or business name
  • Naming all your pages the same name or something similar to each other
  • Calling the page without having a "connection" with the page description 
  • Repeating keywords within the title

The ideal length of Meta titleThe ideal length of meta title is about 60 characters. There is no harm if you exceed your title length, but Google will truncate some characters and display dots at the end.

3. Add a description to your site or ideally to each page ( Vsble PRO MAX)

What to avoid:

  • Too many characters. Search results are limited in displaying, especially on mobile devices.
  • Too few characters. You can also make your description too short.
  • The description doesn't match the content.
  • Duplication. 
  • Keyword stuffing. 
  • Boring taglines. 
  • Not using meta descriptions at all.

The ideal length of Meta description It's best to keep meta descriptions long enough that they're sufficiently descriptive. We recommend descriptions between 50 and 160 characters. Keep in mind that the "optimal" length will vary depending on the situation, and your primary goal should be to provide value and drive clicks.

Check and optimize your website META Description:

4. Generate Robot.txt & Sitemap and Verify your website with Google Console.

This will help Google verify you are the owner of the website and its content and help understand your website structure and navigation to index your site correctly. Here is an article on how to do it with Vsble - read on.

Hier the tutorial how to generate  Robot.txt & Sitemap :  Link